Unistrut: A Multipurpose Solution

For over 90 years, Unistrut metal framing products and accessories have given support to many industries that require high-quality struts and fittings. From walkways to pipe support trapezes, Unistrut products continue to prove themselves valuable in a wide variety of industrial settings. Steinco is proud to serve as a wholesale supplier of Unistrut products. Below we’ll take a closer look at Unistrut—its product line and the various uses for it.

Unistrut Metal Framing

Metal framing has an extremely wide range of applications; it’s commonly used to support control panels, switch boxes, fluorescent fixtures, HVAC equipment, pipework, storage units, and liquid filtration systems. The Unistrut Metal Framing system has been successfully used in these applications, and many more, over the years. In fact, this framing system was invented back in 1924 and has been in continual use ever since. The secret lies in Unistrut’s “weldless” configuration—unlike competing systems, it can be assembled and disassembled with minimal effort. No welding or drilling equipment is needed.

So how does the Unistrut Metal Framing system work? Basically, it uses a number of channels, bolts, and spring nuts that may be configured in a variety of ways to create a framing structure according to the assembler’s needs. The spring nuts can be easily inserted into the channel at any point; then a hex-head bolt is used to connect to the nut and attach the desired channel section. By repeating this process and attaching channels wherever needed, the assembler can build a very wide array of frames. When necessary, the frame is easily disassembled and its various parts may be reused. With fifteen available channel sizes, the assembler is limited only by his or her imagination.

Telestrut Telescoping Strut

A lot of industries depend on high-quality support structures like shelves, racks, ceiling grids, and sign supports—just to name a handful of examples. Naturally, it’s important to use only durable, dependable materials for this purpose. That’s where Telestrut Telescoping Struts can prove useful. The Telestrut system from Unistrut is composed of two primary elements: a three-sided channel and four-sided tubing. When these two elements are joined together, the result is a strong support system ideal for long-term use. Better yet, the assembly process requires no drilling, welding, or other tricky fabrication methods; the channels and tubing can be easily attached with rivets, bolts, nuts, or gravity pins.

The Telestrut system provides an enormous amount of flexibility in arranging its elements to accommodate the design needs of a particular area. The incrementally adjustable tubing can be joined to the infinitely adjustable channels in a variety of configurations; the system may be spliced, telescoped, and—when needed—reused at the discretion of the assembler. Both strong and easily manipulated, the Telestrut system provides a flexible support tool applicable to many types of worksite environments.

telestrut sample

United Interlock Grating

A lot of industrial environments require the use of safe, durable dedicated walking surfaces, as chemicals or other hazards in the area discourage free movement. Unistrut’s United Interlock Plank Grating System can be used in a wide variety of applications to ensure that workers have a reliable pathway to tread upon. Easy to handle, these planks can be assembled in many areas, including catwalks, mezzanines, scaffolding planks, pedestrian ramps, and drilling platforms, to create a sturdy and visually appealing walkway. No special equipment is needed for assembly, as the planks simply lock together due to positive friction. Though lightweight, these planks have been designed for optimal strength-to-weight ratio, and can be expected to endure heavy foot traffic without loss of structural integrity. Once assembled, the grating may be painted to enable it to blend in with the visual character of the environs, if this is desired. The planks also may be cut to accommodate the physical charactistics and dimensions of the area.

United Interlock Grating is available in three basic types: slotted-smooth surface, anti-skid surface, and smooth surface. The slotted-smooth surface grating features long, narrow parallel gaps that debris can easily pass through. For areas that might be subject to unsafe walking conditions, the anti-skid planks provide a punched non-slip surface that sharply reduces the likelihood of falls, even when the walkway is wet or dirty. Lastly, the smooth surface grating is intended for environments where it is essential to prevent debris and other contaminants from falling through the walkway.

In addition, interlock grating has uses beyond merely providing a suitable walking surface. It can also be used to conceal and protect overhead fixtures.

Roofwalks Rooftop Walkways

In many buildings, HVAC units and similar equipment are located on the roof, which means that technicians must have access to that area in order to carry out maintenance tasks. As a result, roof tiles can become damaged from foot traffic. This is a possibility even if workers make every attempt to walk carefully—the tiles may still sustain small cracks and warps that, over time, will worsen and eventually compromise the integrity of the roof. Even cautious workers can cause accidents that may puncture, break, or distort tiles. Unistrut’s Roofwalks Rooftop Walkways supply a simple solution to this problem.

Made of aluminum or galvanized steel, these walkways can be laid along a rooftop to provide a path that workers can tread upon without fear of damaging the roofing material underneath. It works with any kind of roofing surface, including standing seam roofs. Although lightweight, Roofwalks Rooftop Walkways are durable enough to resist weather-related corrosion, which gives it an edge over wood-based coverings that tend to rot after a while. In addition, Roofwalks planks do not trap water underneath—a common danger with rubber mats—and the gaps in the walkways mean that water and debris will not accumulate on top. These walkways also will not curl or warp—another advantage over improvised solutions that can pose a tripping hazard due to deterioration of the material.

Best of all, Roofwalks Rooftop Walkways are portable and easy to set up; in fact, only one or two workers are sufficient to install the planks, and no heavy equipment is required for the task.