When Should Guardrails Be Used in Workplaces or Facilities?

Work-related accidents can happen anytime. And, if you own a facility that employs people, it's your responsibility to ensure that the workplace is as safe as possible. One way to do so is by installing guardrails. But when should you use guardrails in workplaces?

When There's a Potential Fall Hazard

If there's any chance that an employee could fall and hurt themselves, then you should have guardrails in place. This is especially important if the fall could be from a height of four feet or more.

For example, if you have a mezzanine in your facility, you should have metal supports around the perimeter to prevent anyone from falling off. The same thing if your workers often use catwalks.

When You Have Heavy Equipment in the Vicinity

Guardrails can serve as a buffer zone between workers and heavy equipment. This is important because, even if the equipment operator is careful, accidents can still happen.

Let's say you have a forklift that's moving pallets of merchandise around your facility. If there's nothing to prevent people from walking into its path, there's a good chance someone will get hurt. But if you have a metal framing system in place, it will be much harder for people to walk into harm's way accidentally.

When There's a Risk of Electrocution

Industrial structures often have high-voltage electrical lines running through them. If these lines were to come into contact with workers, then it could be disastrous.

That's why it's essential to have guardrails in place whenever there's a risk of electrocution. If you have an electrical substation on your property, then you should have metal frames around it to keep people out.

When You Have Chemicals or Other Hazardous Materials in Stock

Does your business deal with any hazardous materials? If so, then you need to be extra careful about safety.

For example, having a metal guardrail around the perimeter of a storage room where you keep harmful chemicals will help prevent people from accidentally coming into contact with these chemicals and getting hurt.

When There's a Potential Vehicular Hazard

Do vehicles come and go from your facility on a regular basis? Perhaps, you have a loading dock where trucks come to deliver merchandise. If there's nothing to prevent people from walking into the path of the trucks, then someone could get hit and seriously injured.

To prevent these types of accidents, there should be some type of physical barrier between pedestrians and vehicular traffic, and guardrails are the perfect solution.

Apart from these, there would be more uses for guardrails in your workplace or industrial space. But the bottom line is this: if there's any potential hazard, then you should have these systems in place to minimize the risks.

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