The TA-50 Military Locker from Hallowell

For many years, the military locker has been a staple in armed force bases, providing storage for supplies and personal effects. But what makes the TA-50 locker from Hallowell stand out? Well, you're about to find out!


What Is a TA-50 Military Locker?

TA stands for "Table of Allowances," and the TA-50 military locker is the military's official storage solution. It's designed to provide military personnel with a secure, organized space for uniforms, gear, and other military necessities.

But what makes Hallowell TA-50 lockers unique?

Hallowell has designed their TA-50 military lockers to be superior in quality and style compared to standard military lockers. With durable steel construction, each locker is built to last. Plus, they come equipped with heavy-duty handles that are dust and water-resistant—perfect for harsher climates and everyday use.

In addition to being strong and sturdy, these military lockers feature an aesthetically pleasing design. An array of colors allows you to customize your locker and make it fit into any military or military-style environment.

Hallowell TA-50 Military Locker Features

Hallowell builds their lockers to strict specifications to ensure quality and functionality. As for their TA-50 military locker, here are the features that make it excel among other lockers.


● Construction

The Hallowell TA-50 locker is built with metal frames, rolled edges, and reinforced corners for extra strength. It also has double-walled doors and heavy gauge steel to keep your military supplies secure.

It has a dimension of 42-3/8" in width, 24" in depth, and 78" in height.

● Shelves

Each Hallowell military locker comes with adjustable shelves held by unistrut parts, allowing you to configure the storage space to meet your needs. This is especially handy if you're dealing with bulky military gear!

● Doors

This locker uses heavy-duty 14-gauge diamond perforated doors as standard. These doors come with a keyed lock and can be upgraded to combination locks if desired.

As for the hinges, it uses heavy-duty military-grade hinges to guarantee a smooth, quiet opening and closing.

● Security

All military lockers from Hallowell are constructed with an anti-theft locking bar system that will deter theft and keep your valuables safe. They have a 3-point turn-handle latching system that uses 3/8” diameter locking rods for maximum security.

● Accessories

Depending on your requirements, Hallowell lockers can also come with additional accessories that make them more useful. For example, you can get them with coat rods and rear hooks to hang military uniforms and other military gear.


Why Use Hallowell TA-50 Military Lockers?

The TA-50 military locker offers a certain set of benefits that you will not get from other lockers.

  • Easy to Assemble - Thanks to the unistrut parts, these military lockers can be easily assembled or reassembled with minimal effort.
  • Versatile - The adjustable shelves also make it easy to adjust the configuration of your locker as needed.
  • Efficient - With its military-grade hinges and locking systems, this locker is extremely secure and efficient.
  • Durable - Hallowell military lockers are so durable that they could last a lifetime!
  • Looks Good – These lockers are aesthetically pleasing for military lockers. In fact, they're stylish enough to fit in any environment.

With all these amazing benefits, it's no wonder many people prefer Hallowell TA-50 lockers! So, if you're looking for a military locker, then the TA-50 is definitely the right choice!

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