Advantages of Using a Strut Framing Channels System

When planning a metal installation project, have you considered the value that strut channels have to offer? These metal framing products make it easier than ever to connect metal strut lengths thanks to their versatility and easy to use design.

These metal strut systems use inward-facing lips for quick mounting of braces, fittings, and connecting angles. This ensures that you can quickly join metal struts together or connect wires and pipes within the channels system. Several varieties of metal framing channels are available to better match your needs, including products with predrilled holes and slots. Different measurements are also available.

Better yet, these channels are easily modified, allowing you to adapt your metal installation (or even take it apart and reassemble it elsewhere) with relative ease. No welding, bolting, or drilling is required—you can get to work right away.

By reducing the need for manufacturing tools and speeding up the assembly and installation process, the use of these metal strut products can significantly cut costs and help you start enjoying the benefits of your metal installation that much sooner.