Benefits of Storage Lockers

Every facility has a need for storage lockers. Whether you are safely securing products or protecting sensitive equipment, a storage locker can help you organize materials and protect them from a variety of issues. 

Residential and Commercial Use

WireCrafters has several storage options for residential and commercial use to protect your equipment and products. Heavy duty and industrial storage lockers manufactured by WireCrafters are a viable option to secure employee or company items. With a heavy-duty steel locker, items can remain visible but are inaccessible. The open mesh design allows for in-plant illumination, ventilation, and fire suppression systems to operate normally while securing materials that are used regularly. 

Easily Installed, Moved, and Reconfigured

Lockers can be installed individually or in groups and can even be configured to house multiple compartments for organization. Storage lockers from WireCrafters can be installed easily, moved, and even reconfigured if necessary. 

When storage space is at a premium, garage lockers can provide a storage option that is secured to a wall. These storage lockers safely keep your valuable items organized, visible, and inaccessible above parked cars and off the ground. 

Strong and Secure Lockers

WireCrafters tough mesh design is also featured in a residential tenant storage option. These storage lockers can be installed in multi-family buildings where there are common storage areas. These strong and secure lockers can efficiently use space and eliminate clutter. 

Contact Steinco Industrial Solutions to see which WireCrafters Storage Locker can help you efficiently and safely secure your products or the items of employees or tenants.