Check out the Concrete Inserts by Flex-Strut

Working with existing concrete can be a messy job. Concrete dust can also be a workplace hazard, causing ill health through skin and eye contact or inhalation. The beauty of Flex-Strut’s concrete inserts is that they allow for installation without dust, noise or sparks that can compromise your job site.

These inserts easily anchor to the concrete foundation. During the pour, removable plastic strips or Ethafoam filling stop concrete from entering the channel. They are flexible and allow for adjustable anchoring positions due to the twist-in strut nuts.

 Spot inserts are ideal for single pipe support or trapeze style hangers and they will support up to an 800-pound load when used in conjunction with Flex-Strut’s ½ inch or larger insert square nuts.

For bigger jobs, Flex-Strut offers heavy duty concrete inserts. These inserts are ideal for curtain walls or glass/stone retention, steel components, mechanical and electrical services, machine/asset anchoring and elevator and escalator installation. 

All inserts are made from cold-rolled steel and are available in hot-dip galvanized, pre- galvanized or stainless steel finishes. They come complete with plastic closure strips, anchor end caps and headed studs for a more stable anchor. Industrial strength, these inserts are designed for high performance and reliability no matter what the job throws at you.

If you’re unsure about your next concrete insert job, contact Steinco Industrial Solutions and let our experts help you choose the concrete inserts that will meet your construction needs.