Check out the Unilock Grating Planks!

Working around; yet having access to lighting, insulation, wiring and other fixtures can be a challenge for any contractor, architect or repairman. Interlock Grating, available at Steinco Industrial Solutions, provides a safe and aesthetically appealing solution. 

Unistrut’s grating is made of aluminum or pre-galvanized steel and resists corrosion, giving walkways and floors a clean high-tech look that lasts.

Engineered with strength to weight ratio, the planks are easy to install, light to handle and withstand substantial load. The cost-effective planks interlock securely for easy installation.

Surfaces are available in slotted smooth and anti-skid. When inclement weather conditions are present, the 360 degree of slip resistance will provide solid footing.

Common uses for these planks include catwalks, maintenance and inspection walkways, pedestrian ramps, pumping and drilling platforms, ventilation covers for tanks and wells and water plant walkways.

Planks are available in 6, 9 and 12 inch widths. The 12 inch planks are ideal for large areas such as mezzanines, decks and staging platforms. A contractor’s dream, these planks are quick to configure and often cost 75% less than other options. Grating can be cut to size, shape and angle at the jobsite.

When you need a secure floor or walkway, with access to the “innards” of a building, think Unilock Grating Planks. As always, Steinco personnel are available to answer questions and walk you through the process.