The Components of a V-Grip Shelf

When you consider V-Grip Shelving, you are not just choosing a high quality and interchangeable shelving unit, but one made by the leading industry in the field, Equipto. The integrity and focus invested in the components of V-Grip Shelving guarantees that storage system will not only fit together snug and sturdy, but will be a solid storage option for years to come. When you are purchasing your components, there are both open shelving and closed shelving ends options available. The Wire Shelf is an optimal choice for higher shelving. Not only does it stand up to standard shelving capacities, the wired design allows for increased visibility to the higher shelves. It also increases the light available that is often blocked by tall storage units.

V-grip Shelving is not limited to just the heavy-duty steel shelves options, but also modular drawers. The modular drawers offer a secured storage option for loose objects and another level of organization. The modular drawers come in 48 different sizes with the potential capacity of up to 400 pounds. Needless to say, if you are looking for most versatile shelving unit with maximum storage capabilities, look no further.