CONNEX Modules by Equipto

Making the most of storage containers and other areas with limited space isn’t always easy. This is especially true when you need to organize your space without further reducing your storage capacity. Thankfully, there’s a solution. CONNEX Modules from Equipto combine heavy duty steel shelves, metal storage cabinets, and other accessories to help you get organized without limiting your available space.

CONNEX Modules are available in a wide range of configurations to meet your unique storage needs. For example, metal storage cabinets are provided in several drawer sizes, ranging from four larger compartments to eleven small doors. Heavy duty steel shelves are also installed with varying dimensions based on your storage needs.

Thanks to their highly customizable nature and durable metal construction, CONNEX Modules from Equipto make it easier than ever to get organized, no matter what type of materials you need to store. Whether you need a place to store power tools or large automotive parts, the various shelving and drawer combinations offered by these modules ensure that you’ll have no trouble finding space for everything.

Best of all, by using CONNEX Modules, you can become much more organized and efficient in your work. By making tools and equipment easier to find, you’ll waste less time trying to find what you need, allowing you to complete your work that much more effectively.