Customize your Equipto Platform to Maximize your Space

Equipto offers a wide range of platform options in order to construct a mezzanine that can help you maximize your space floor to ceiling or increase access throughout your building. 

Platforms are easy to configure, move or expand and allow you the opportunity to increase your space by adding storage area.

Equipto platforms are designed to be rugged for the toughest environments and can handle high capacity loads at 125 lbs. per square foot. 

These platforms also integrate perfectly with other Equipto Systems and are engineered towards OSHA, BOCA, and IBC guidelines. 

Equipto Platforms can be configured to your specific needs and requirements. They come in four different flooring options from you to choose from — anti-skid Tuffdeck, economical bar grating, perforated steel grating, or solid steel grating. 

Equipto can also construct “Stack of Stairs,” platform landings, ship’s stairs, catwalks, and other add-ons in order to allow easy access to your platform area. 

By utilizing precision engineered, pre-fabricated platforms from Equipto, you can double or triple available space in your facility in order to maximize your building potential and profits. 

For all available options for your next platform, contact Steinco Industrial Solutions today.