DEA Approved Drug Storage Cages

A certain segment of businesses and organizations require secured storage for sensitive materials. If you are a pharmacy, law enforcement entity, or deal with DEA enforced substances Steinco Industrial Solutions can provide storage solutions. 

DEA Approved Cages

Steinco offers a DEA approved storage cage from WireCrafters that meets all of the federal regulations for physical security of Schedule III through V drugs. This wire partition storage solution is ideal for pharmacies, distribution centers, warehouses, record storage, and other similar facilities. 


Each storage cage includes self-closing and self-locking doors. Wall and ceiling panels are made of 10-gauge wire and all posts have welded base plates for lagging to any type of floor. Panels mount flush to the floor, and steel support posts are 2 inches square. 

Walls have a horizontal reinforcement every 60 inches and feature heavy hardware that is not accessible from outside of the cage, for added security. Panels can stack to any height plus clear spanned walls up to 35 feet across. 

If you require a secured storage option, WireCrafters DEA approved drug storage cages are a viable solution that can be utilized in multiple environments. 

Contact Steinco Industrial Solutions for more information on how a WireCrafters Storage Cage can benefit your business.