DEA Approved Drug Store Cages

When it comes to innovative industrial products that pass even the strictest regulations, you know you can count on Steinco Industrial Solutions. For instance, our Drug Storage Cages pass the muster of even the federal government, specifically the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

When properly installed, WireCrafters Storage Cages meet all requirements from the DEA for the physical security of Schedule III through V controlled substances. These wire partitions and cages offer the best solution for secured storage for the pharmaceutical industry, medical facilities, record storage, distribution centers, and much more.

The WireCrafters Storage Cage has a variety of features that make this the most secured option for your storage needs. These cages have self-closing and self-locking doors, 10-gauge wire wall and ceiling panels, posts set no more than 10 feet apart (and with welded base plates in order to lag to the floor), and panels that mount flush to the floor. Panels stack to any height and the cage clears spanned ceilings up to 35 feet. Quite simply, if you have records, drugs, or other valuable assets that require a secured setting, the WireCrafters Storage Cages are the answer.

For more information regarding the WireCrafters DEA approved Storage Cages, visit the Steinco Industrial Solution’s products page.