Describing a Pallet Turntable, from Presto Lifts

There are a wide range of industrial products you can use to speed up your processes and improve worker productivity, but few items are more useful than a Pallet Turntable from Presto Lifts. But how exactly can these products improve your workflow? The team at Steinco Industrial has your answers.


Presto Lifts offers two main types of Standalone Pallet Turntables to assist your workers as they build or break down pallet loads. First is the Low Profile Turntable, which rests on the factory floor. This turntable’s tapered edges make it easy for workers to roll hand pallet trucks onto the platform for easy removal or placement of pallet loads.


The other turntable from Presto Lifts is the Presto Ring Floor Mount Turntable. This two-piece pallet turntable uses two rings to create a rotating platform that speeds up the load building and breakdown processes. This turntable can also be mounted on platform surfaces.


With load capacities greater than 4,000 pounds, these Portable Pallet Turntables from Presto Lifts serve as an excellent method to make your industrial work safer and more efficient.