Different Options for Seismic Support

Certain structures need to take seismic support issues into account when installing their vital systems. Unistrut Metal Framing Systems has you covered if you are searching for the best seismic support options. For starters, Unistrut has developed multiple 12-gauge channel systems specifically designed for seismic activity.

There are several options utilizing either solid channel systems or back to back channels that can help support your systems.

Slotted and combination channels are also available. Unistrut also has multiple general fittings to help install and connect channels together to create a support system that’s right for your needs. Pipe clamps, beam clamps, pivot fittings, and brace/anchor fittings are also available to complete your metal framing support system. 

If you are searching for concrete inserts that meet seismic specifications, Unistrut makes heavy duty and standard inserts to provide the necessary support. 

All of Unistrut’s seismic support products have undergone strict testing and analysis in order to determine their allowable loads and other technical specifications.

In-depth technical specifications are available on the Steinco website for each Unistrut seismic support product. 

Contact Steinco Industrial Solutions today to see how Unistrut’s seismic support products can help you develop a metal framing system that is adequate in uncertain conditions.