Ebtech Industrial Server and Data Rooms

Technology advances have made the storage of data and advanced computer equipment more important than ever; and at Steinco Industrial, we’re fully aware of the types of facilities you need to protect your valuable equipment. Because of this, we’ve partnered with Ebtech Industrial to deliver state-of-the-art server and data rooms to better meet your company’s needs.


What makes these server and data rooms stand out? First is their modular design. By utilizing a modular building pattern, these industrial building solutions can be custom-built to fit any work environment. Better yet, the Steinco Industrial team can complete the installation work quickly and easily, helping you save on labor costs and get back to work that much quicker.


But the real difference comes from what is inside these modular installations. Protecting communications devices and data requires total environmental control, which Ebtech Server and Data Rooms provide in part thanks to their use of floating floors. This enables pipes and other heat management equipment to be easily stored within the building to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level.


Ebtech Server and Data Rooms offered through Steinco Industrial can be further customized to meet your company’s security needs—even offering protection against ballistic threats or electromagnetic interference. With these modular building solutions, your valuable tech equipment will receive the protection it deserves.