EBTECH Products & Applications

EBTECH Industrial Building Solutions manufactures quality interior, exterior, and military products to improve the functionality of your facility. 

Why EBTECH Building Products?

They have the expertise and capability to produce clean, sturdy, and efficient spaces to solve multiple problems throughout your building or if you are in search of a temporary solution to house employees or people. 

Exterior Building Solutions

Their exterior building solutions include pre-assembled exterior buildings or shelters. These steel-coated buildings are delivered fully assembled and ready to install on your pad. They are also designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. 

EBTECH also manufactures Shelters and Guard Shacks, Conex Boxes, and the Flat-Pak Collapsible Modular Building. The Flat-Pak Collapsible Building is a cheap, easy to deploy method of providing low cost or temporary housing for a wide array of needs. 

Interior Products

Interior products range from specific use structures or adaptable systems. EBTECH manufactures tanning and spa rooms, clean rooms, and even walk-in coolers. But their interior products can help you design an in-plant office space, install a high wall system, or build a mezzanine inside your building. 

Military Solutions

For military operations, EBTECH also offers safety barriers, blast mitigation, and ballistics protection, and blast rated guard shacks. 

Steinco Industrial Solutions offers a wide range of EBTECH products which can assist your operation in multiple ways. Contact us today to see which EBTECH product may work best for you.