Equipto’s Platforms

Do you find yourself in need of more room for storage, but without any available storage space? This is a common problem for many manufacturing facilities as they start to expand. While moving to a new location or building a new structure isn’t always an option, Steinco Industrial has one solution to help you get more out of your current space: pre-fabricated platforms from Equipto.

Equipto’s Modular Platforms serve as the perfect custom solution for your storage needs. These industrial products feature elevated floors and walkways, as well as easy-access stairways that allow you to add new usable areas above your existing floor space. Custom metal design options allow these platforms to be custom-fit to your layout so that elevated walkways don’t interfere with other parts of your facility.

Equipto Elevated Platforms are extremely durable, having been specifically designed for use in warehouses, factories, and other similar locations. Their sturdy design provides a safe area for storing products or even adding new work stations. By integrating seamlessly with your current facilities, you can effectively double your available floor space without the added costs of constructing or leasing a new building. Best of all, these platforms are easily transported to adjust for shifting needs within your facility—or even relocation to a new warehouse!

Everything about these industrial products is customizable, from flooring and railing options to stairway access and other accessories. With the help of Elevated Platforms from Equipto, you’ll be able to save money and make better use of your space as you expand your business.