Equipto: Storage That Makes Sense

When it comes to maximizing your storage space throughout your industrial facility, warehouse, or building Equipto has the storage solutions that make sense. Rent for industrial and commercial space is high and at a premium. Equipto has multiple products and storage options to organize your equipment, tools, and other business materials, and therefore save money.

These storage units are safe, secure, and allow for easy access whenever you need access to your equipment. 

One of Equipto’s storage solutions is the modular drawer cabinets. These cabinets come in a single welded design with drawer capacities of 400 pounds. Cabinet and drawer configurations can be customized to adapt to the needs of any business. Plus, these metal storage cabinets offer durable, secure storage options for any environment. Some modular drawer cabinets are even available on wheels to allow for mobility throughout your facility if needed. 

Equipto also offers strong, durable shelves and racks.

Their specialized V-Grip shelving is made from 18-gauge steel and the triangular design increases the load-bearing capacity of each shelf. Modular drawers can also be incorporated to make shelves and racks adaptable for a wide range of storage options

The company has a range of storage cabinets with multiple features including 3-point security latches, rounded surfaces to prevent safety hazards, reinforced doors, and positive shelf locks to prevent shelf dislodgement.

They also offer specialty cabinets made for IT uses or to secure hazardous materials. 

Finally, Equipto also offers mounted workbenches and work centers or their Mobile Aisle Storage System for flexible, easy access to equipment. For more information on Equipto’s storage options, contact Steinco Industrial Solutions.