Feature: Flex-Strut Flex-Wrap

If you need to eliminate contact between pipes or conduit and clamping systems that hold them in place, consider Flex-Wrap Cushion Strip from Flex-Strut. 

Flex-Strut is an industry leader in metal strut channel framing systems and accessories with more than 25 years of experience.

Their industrial products can be used to secure any system throughout your building. With Flex-Wrap Cushion Strip, you can reduce noise and vibration between pipes, conduit, or other types of tubing and the clamps securing them in place.

If you need to reduce metal to metal contact, shock, or other issues between your tubing system and clamps, Flex-Wrap can help.

Flex-Wrap Cushion Strip can serve as a cost-effective alternative to cushion clamps or other similar accessories. Flex-Wrap is available in boxes of 25 feet and is well-suited for thin wall conduit, rigid conduit, or other O.D. tubing.

It’s easy to install and we have an easy-to-use worksheet aimed at identifying how much Flex-Wrap is needed for various sized tubing. 

If you need a cushion accessory for your project or facility, Flex-Strut’s Flex-Wrap, from Steinco Industrial Solutions, can help. Contact us today for more information.