Feature: Machine Guarding

Safety is a top priority in any manufacturing facility, but maintaining a safe environment isn’t always easy—especially when you have potentially dangerous automatic equipment in your facility. With the help of WireCrafters Machine Guarding Products, however, your facility will have adequate safety measures in place for your employees.

Wire partitions & cages from WireCrafters create a safe factory environment by establish strong, durable barriers that can be arranged in any layout you need within your facility. Machine guarding systems use powerful wire mesh that retains its shape and requires little maintenance, even when hit by malfunctioning equipment. In fact; these machines guarding products conform to both ANSI/RIA and OSHA safety standards, ensuring that your facility is up to code.

With these wire partitions & cages in place, you can ensure that there is a strong safety barrier between your employees and your equipment—something that will greatly reduce the risk of serious accidents and lessen the dangers (and damage) should something ever go wrong with your equipment. 

Custom solutions are another key feature of WireCrafters Machine Guarding Products. Wire partitions & cages can be custom-fitted with access doors, locking latches, and other features to help streamline your working environment. Best of all, these versatile WireCrafters products are extremely cost effective, with panels that are much less expensive than other safety systems.