Feature: Presto Fixed Height Tilters

Do you have a variety of odd-shaped loads or containers that come through your facility and require lifting?

Look no further than the Fixed Height Tilter by Presto Lifts as the best option to lift those loads and ensure a safer work environment for your employees.

The Presto Lifts Fixed Height Tilter can be mounted on legs, workbenches, or directly onto the floor (depending upon your usual load size and required heights) and is an ideal lifting option for any odd or standard sized load. Quite simply, the Fixed Height Lifter is the perfect container lifter for your facility.

The Fixed Height Tilter has a lifting capacity up to 6,000 pounds and has lift angles of 30, 45, and 60 degrees. It’s powered with an internal power unit that’s controlled via a handheld control with an 8-inch coil cord. Additionally, the Fixed Height Tilter comes with a standard 8-inch lip.

This tilter can be customized with varying lip sizes, platforms, power units, and even has an optional foot control to maximize usage for your requirements.

For more information on the Fixed Height Tilter, and other lift options from Presto Lifts, visit the Steinco Industrial Solutions online product page for a full list of specifications.