FEATURE: Presto Lift Drum Stackers

In manufacturing and other sectors, working with and handling drums comes with the territory. Drums can present a variety of hazards and are difficult to work with, when not handled properly.

Anything from an injury to hazardous spill could occur without proper training, attire, and care.

Presto Lifts drum stackers are the safe, reliable alternative when dealing with drums on a regular basis.

Numerous features help make Presto Lifts drum stackers the best option to aid any user when handling 30-gallon or 55-gallon drums safely and with ease.

A 1,000-pound load capacity headlines the list of features. But Presto Lifts drum stackers also come with an 18” load center, 15” long solid steel forks, and lift heights ranging from 48” to 86”. They also are mobile and easy to maneuver.

Presto Lifts drum stackers are available in battery-operated models, or manually-operated models and come with an optional drum grabber attachment to increase the safety and ease of working with large, heavy drums.

Let Presto Lifts drum stackers do the heavy lifting and remove the element of risk when handling drums.