Feature: Presto Skid Lifter

The Skid Lifter by Presto Lifts is an innovative, quality machine ideal for feeding conveyors, steel punch or print presses in countless industries. This machine is just one of several versatile pallet positions available by Presto Lifts. Pallet turntables and positioners are also available from Presto.  With a 180-degree steering arc and an ergonomic design on the handle, the Skid Lifter is an ideal, easy-to-use positioner for any all open bottom skids and pallets.

The Skid Lifter raised skids up to 32 inches in height, making it the perfect industrial product for lifting skids in any workplace. The Skid Lifter has a 2,200-pound capacity and helps moves loads to and from work stations. It has unmatched maneuverability and maximum stability. For loads under 600 pounds, a mere 30 strokes will lift your load (60-70 strokes for heavier loads). There are numerous models for the Presto Skid Lifter, including the option for a manual hand pump Skid Lifter or a battery powered one (12 VDC electric battery, with charger). Fork lengths come in either 44 or 45 inches.

For more information on this Skid Lifter and other Pallet Positioners from Presto, visit the Steinco Industrial Solution’s products page, a leading supplier in industrial products.