Feature: Seismic Support

Certain facilities face an added building code requirement of seismic support. Unistrut has a full line of metal framing products that incorporate seismic supports in order to protect vital buildings and systems that face the challenge of designing for seismic activity. 

What is Seismic Support? 

Unistrut’s seismic bracing systems are designed and constructed to resist virtually all code specified seismic forces during earthquakes. By deploying seismic support systems, vital buildings and components can stay intact during this activity. 

Obviously, certain locations are more prone to seismic activity than others. But important emergency buildings such as hospitals, police and fire stations, and municipal buildings must account for seismic activity in order to serve the public during these events. 

Types of Support and Applications

Unistrut’s popular weldless, and easily adjustable framing system includes several types of support struts, fittings, planks, channels and other products that also conform to seismic support requirements. 

With this seismic support system, you can easily provide support for HVAC, conduit, pipes, and other materials throughout any facility. 

Steinco Industrial Solutions is a proud wholesale supplier of Unistrut Seismic Support Systems. We carry a variety of channel systems, concrete inserts, nuts and other hardware, and fittings for locations searching for adequate seismic support. 

Contact us today for help determining the right strut options for your facility. We can also help you understand the load specifications for these systems.