Feature: Starrspace Partition Wall System

If you need to redesign your current workspace or are searching for ways to more efficiently use space, a pre-engineered wall system from Starrco Office Systems could be the answer. 

Sturdy, Dependable, Customizable 

Pre-engineered office systems are made from sturdy and dependable materials. These modular office systems provide an unmatched level of comfort and are designed to last for years to come. 

The StarrSpace 3000 Partition Wall System from Starrco has been manufactured to utilize either SP wall panels, DL panels, or SC panels. Each wall panel is available in a sandwich-type construction with vinyl covering the panel core. Each panel comes in varying density, insulation, and thickness. Panels even come with optional wall coverings such as painted steel or aluminum, fiberglass reinforced plastic, cork, PVC, or several other options. 

Additional Design Features of the StarrSpace 3000

Wall panels in the StarrSpace 3000 also come in the framework of your choice or need. The wire studs, floor and ceiling track, finish, and height can be modified to fit your requirements. The wire stud design, which is extruded from aluminum alloy, allows for electrical, data processing, and communication lines to be run vertically. These systems can be accessed by a removable cover plate. This design also allows for one wall panel to be removed without disturbing adjacent panels. 

For additional size and customization, Starrco also has a StarrSpace 3500 Partition Wall System. Both systems are a durable, versatile, and inexpensive way to construct your office space in any location. 

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