Feature: Strut Framing Channel System by Flex-Strut

Metal strut applications are among the most important elements of installing new features and design elements in an industrial facility. While there are many strut options available, your company would do well to consider the benefits offered by a strut framing channel system from Flex-Strut.

Channel systems play an important role in a wide variety of industrial applications. This metal strut product is frequently used in HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and other industrial applications. Channel systems are used for electrical covers and overhead electrical supports, concrete inserts, and many other engineering applications.

With a variety of fabricated designs and dimensions, strut framing channel systems can meet the unique needs of almost every facility. Varied thickness, gauge, and weight-per-foot specifications allow each of these strut options to provide the level of support that you need, while also fitting snugly and securely in place. A variety of finishes, including hot-dipped galvanized, green and aluminum also allow these products to better serve your industrial activities.

Fully customizable, choosing these products from Flex-Strut for your channel framing project is a surefire way to guarantee a successful outcome that will be built to last.