Features of LISTA Mobile Cabinets

LISTA technical workstations and cabinets are industry-leading products. A variety of different operations have come to rely on their cabinets and work benches for their durable design, secured storage, and organizational benefits. 

Mobile Cabinet Features

If you are searching for a mobile storage option, LISTA Mobile Cabinets are the best option. 

Mobile Cabinets from LISTA are suitable for storing large and small items alike. Each unit can be customized for your exact needs with a variety of heavy-duty drawers and cabinets to match your employees’ needs throughout your facility. Drawers feature a 150-pound capacity and each drawer/cabinet has an individual latch.

Each mobile cabinet includes two fixed casters and two swivel casters for easy maneuverability around even the tightest spots. 

LISTA’s PrevenTip Locking System also helps prevent accidental tipping and increase workplace safety. This system allows for only one drawer to open at a time and therefore reduce the ability of cabinets to tip due to uneven weight distribution. 


Whether your workers are constantly on the move throughout your facility, or need to transport a variety of tools or hardware to off-site jobs, a mobile cabinet can help make their work easier. 

LISTA Cabinets are mobile and durable enough for any job site. LISTA also has several other products like technical workstations, industrial work benches, and standard modular cabinets to help organize your parts safely and in a secured environment.  

Steinco Industrial is a wholesale supplier of LISTA Mobile Cabinets and Work Stations. Contact us today to order the best storage option on the market today.