Featuring: Ebtech Cam-Lock System

The best industrial products are designed to make your life easier by providing simple solutions to common problems. And few products are better suited to assist your assembly and fastening needs than the Ebtech Cam-Lock System. Here’s how this useful product from Steinco Industrial can help your company.

Ebtech Cam-Lock Systems are designed to help industrial companies significantly reduce the installation time for sandwich panel compositions. These self-spreading systems eliminate the need for standard stud wall construction by creating a positive seal between sandwich panels.

An Ebtech Cam-Lock System from Steinco Industrial not only speeds up the sandwich panel installation process; it also creates a strong, high-quality building envelope. The uniform seal provided by the Cam-Lock System prevents common problems like air infiltration or the accumulation of moisture, providing additional longevity to your structure.

Best of all, this versatile forming system is perfectly suited for the forming requirements found at most commercial job sites. Customizable and flexible, the Ebtech Cam-Lock System is perfect for scaffolding, low wall forming, and other common industrial uses.