Feel the Difference with a Mezzanine

Mezzanines are a great way to maximize available space throughout an industrial facility. Equipto platforms and mezzanines from Steinco Industrial Solutions can help you unlock your building’s potential from the floor to the ceiling. 

The Benefits of Mezzanines and Platforms from Equipto

There are a variety of high-capacity decking options for you to choose from. They are designed to meet all OSHA, BOCA, and IBC guidelines and also come in multiple rugged coating/coordinating colors. 

Pre-Fabricated Platforms

Besides increasing facility space, mezzanines are a great way to avoid expensive construction costs. Equipto mezzanines are easy to reconfigure, move, or expand. Plus, they can be integrated with all other Equipto systems and accessories. These pre-fabricated platforms are modular and feature an interlocking design for a safe and secure installation. 

Create a Custom Space

Equipto has a complete selection of platforms and mezzanines to help you customize creative ways to best use your space. You can increase overhead storage, create walkways, catwalks, or increase platform space. 

Platforms and mezzanines from Equipto can be utilized in any industrial facility. Their cost-effective design can help you customize your facility in order to work best for your operation. 

Contact Steinco Industrial Solutions today to see how Equipto’s versatile platform and mezzanine systems can benefit you.