Finding the Grating Planks that are right for Your Space and Business

Does your facility require any mezzanines or decking? Or are you searching for the right rooftop walkway? Unistrut Interlock Grating Systems are the best products for you. 

Unilock Grating Systems are ideal for light traffic areas throughout your facility.

These systems are designed to help reduce slipping, allow for easy installation, and reduce costs. 

These grating systems are available to suit your project specifications and are constructed to last longer than other grating plank systems. They are made from pre-galvanized steel in order to reduce your future maintenance costs. 

You can choose from a range of sizes, dimensions, gauges, and surfaces.

Unilock Interlock Grating Systems also come with an anti-skid surface to reduce slips and falls. All grating systems are designed with more open space than other similar products in order to allow light, water, and air to pass through the grating planks. 

Unilock Interlock Grating Systems are professionally engineered for any type of mezzanine, staging platform, rooftop walkway, or flooring. 

Depending on your requirements, Unilock Interlock Grating Systems are available in 6, 9, or 12-inch wide planks in order to help you maximize your investment and fit your space. 

If your facility requires grating planks for any of these applications, choose Unistrut’s Unilock Grating Systems from Steinco Industrial Solutions.