Give everybody a workstation with Equipto Work Centers

If you’re like most people, you work fulltime or more, 40 plus hours a week. That means that you actually spend as much time at work as you do in bed at night. While you wouldn’t skimp on your mattress, it’s crucial that your work space is comfortable and efficient as well.

Equipto Work Centers will allow you to make your employees work stations comfortable and productive. You can select from wall mount or freestanding units, with or without drawers with a large selection of accessories to customize each work space.

Work Centers come in a wide selection of sizes and colors with high capacity tops and drawers. You can choose from wood, steel, stainless steel, laminate and ESD (anti-static) tops. Finishes include nine custom colors.

Totally reconfigurable, Workbenches come with sliding doors or reel cabinets. Cabinets are lockable and drawer weight capacity is 200 pounds. Drawers are lined with rubber protection mats. Stack them, add shelves, drawers, locks, electrical outlets, seating and a custom top and paint job and you have exactly what you need to keep your employees working comfortably and efficiently.

Steinco Industrial Solutions offers a full line of these Equipto Work Centers to meet all your needs. Whether you’re in the automotive, education, healthcare, maintenance, military, office or manufacturing industry, Equipto has you covered. Economical and attractive, an Equipto Work Center will add efficiency to your employees and value to your business.