Holding Cells for Additional Security

For operations in need of holding cells that provide a safe, secure, accessible location for keeping prisoners, look no further. WireCrafters has a solution using their Style 840 Partition. 

Features of WireCrafters Cells

Correctional and detention centers across the country have come to rely on the WireCrafters holding cells. This versatile system can be configured to suit the needs of any facility and space. 

The Style 840 Partition is easy to install and requires basic standard hand tools to set up. The partition design prevents access to hardware from the secured side of the cell but is open to allow for free circulation of HVAC, lighting, and fire suppression throughout the enclosure. 

Design Specifications

The WireCrafters holding cell panels come in 20 different standard size panels that range from 4-5 feet high and 1-10 feet wide. Panels can be stacked two or higher to reach ceiling height and work in ceilings and walls. Custom sized panels are also available, as are heavy duty options. 

You can select either a hinged, double-hinged, sliding, or vertical rise gate for access in and out of the holding cell. Panels may be ordered in any mesh, expanded metal, sheet metal, or clear Lexan. 

Operations that require holding cells for any reason rely on WireCrafters for their innovative system. Contact Steinco Industrial Solutions today for more information.