The Importance of Machine Guarding

Proper guarding around important machines can save you time replacing in case an accident occurs. Machine guarding can also save you money, in the long run, to replace or fix any damaged equipment in your facility. 

WireCrafters offers two distinct types of machine guarding systems to help protect valuable equipment — the RapidGuard Lift-Out Guarding System and the Woven and Welded Wire Guarding Systems. 

RapidGuard System

The RapidGuard System is an ideal guarding solution for automated machines that require easy access. Welding machines and stretch wrappers are commonly guarded with RapidGuard. Any machine that needs 360-degree access is also ideal with Rapid Guard. 

Unlike other guarding systems, RapidGuard panels lift out from their posts in order to allow easy access for maintenance personnel or employees during downtime. Panels may be ordered in alternating woven and welded mesh expanded metal, sheet metal, or clear Lexan. Sliding or hinged doors are also available. 

Woven & Welded Wire Guarding System

Woven and welded wire machine guarding systems provides a secure perimeter to protect and separate equipment. 

These guarding systems offer additional safety and security throughout your facility. These fully-framed panels offer unmatched strength, stability, and security. The assembly hardware is inaccessible from the secured side. Hinged, double-hinged, sliding, and vertical rise gates are available for access. 

Both types of machine guarding are available in standard or custom sizes. 

If you believe your facility can benefit from machine guarding, contact Steinco Industrial Solutions to see which WireCrafters System is right for you.