The Importance of Proper Walls for Tanning Spas

At Ebtech Industrial Building Solutions, we construct innovative solutions for any building needs, interior or exterior. Our walk-in freezers, mezzanines, and in-plant offices are some of those interior solutions, along with E-walls for tanning spas. Ebtech’s E-walls are constructed with durable hardboard/melamine in a variety of finishes and panel surfaces. These walls can be easily configured into any shape or size, based on your changing needs, providing unique customization options.

Our E-walls come with several standard features, including built-in wiring raceways, space-saving hinged or sliding door systems, and thin walls for compartmentalization needs. All of these features offer you the best possible changing areas for your tanning salon or spa so you get the benefits of portability and flexibility in your walls, plus the sturdiness of hard construction. Simply put, these E-walls help save time and money as a more efficient option for a tanning spa over traditional drywall or some other material.

Plus, these walls are easily installed and they look great for you and your customers! For more information on our E-walls for tanning spas, and other interior solutions from Ebtech, visit the Steinco Industrial Solution’s product page, the metal framing leader in Ohio.