Keeping Items Secure and Locked Up at Home or In the Workplace!

Let’s face it, we all need storage for all of the items we have in our busy lives whether at the office, shop, or at home.

So, look no further than WireCrafters storage options, made by Steinco Industrial Solutions a leader in industrial products.

WireCrafters Storage Lockers come in a variety of designs suitable for any office, shop, garage, or residence. There are storage solutions for bicycle storage, lockers for garages and homes, plus lockers designed for military and other gear. All of these storage lockers are designed to be mounted (and use untapped space) or mounted to the floor.

Residential Wire Storage Lockers are also available, as well as industrial heavy-duty steel storage lockers. Storage Lockers are easy to install, can be customized to fit any space, and are a perfect secured storage option for company equipment or employee items. And they come in a mesh locker design that is strong, easy to reconfigure, and efficiently store items of all sizes and uses.

All WireCrafters storage options are designed with industrial grade material so you know you can count on years of rugged, sturdy storage anywhere you need it.

Visit Steinco Industrial Solutions’ online product page to learn more about the storage options from WireCrafters and efficiently store anything in any available space.