Keeping your Clean Room Clean

If your business involves manufacturing or scientific research, chances are you need or already have a clean room. Clean rooms are exactly what you think they are: an antiseptic and sterile environment that is kept contaminant-free. This is done by using various filters, such as the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter, which screens and collects airborne particles the size of only 0.3 microns: something smaller than a human hair! Aside from filters, the clean room itself is designed to maintain what is called “laminar flow”:  this means that the air flow in the room moves as a single body of air at a constant velocity along several parallel directions; offering minimal to no turbulence.

But even with all this, contamination may still take place. The facility’s walls, paint, room air, construction materials, liquid spills, and leaks may provide a contamination source. Another one would be any tools used in the room that generate contamination from lubricants, vibration particles, particles caused by friction and wear, and residue from cleaning tools like brooms and mops. Still other sources of potential contaminants would be airborne bacteria, floor products or coatings, and product-related debris such as silicon, aluminum, or quartz chips which might be by-products from the manufacturing process. Of course, if you want to know the biggest source of contamination in clean rooms; that would be us: humans generate contaminants such as skin flakes, sweat, hair, clothing lint, oil, spittle, and particles from cosmetics and perfume. Even just sitting or standing motionless, we generate more or less 100,000 particles per minute that are 0.3 microns or larger! Keeping your clean room clean is essential for your business to keep operating optimally, and so we’ve decided to give you some tips on how to do just that.

Observe proper attire – Clean rooms require the proper attire: your garments contain potential human-generated contaminants or direct them to the floor. They may include face masks, gloves, hoods, boots, antistatic robes or coveralls, and goggles. Avoid wearing torn, soiled, or damaged garments. Shoes must be treated with the prescribed shoe cleaner, and the garments must be changed regularly. Avoid wearing cosmetics in clean rooms.

Observe proper decorum – Avoid horseplay and rowdy behavior in clean rooms. Avoid sneezing or coughing as well (or use a face mask). Avoid fast movements, as these may spread contaminants into the room. Avoid smoking, chewing gum or tobacco, and eating inside the room. Avoid sitting on, or leaning into any equipment or work surfaces. Avoid writing on the equipment or any garments.

Observe proper item protocols – Make sure that any personal items such as keys, lighters, cigarettes, vape devices, phones, wristwatches rings, and jewelry are left in the personnel lockers outside of the clean room. Only properly cleaned and sterilized devices may be allowed inside. Valuable items like wallets can be permitted as long as they are not taken out when inside the room. If you need to bring tools or items into the clean room, make sure that these are clean and free from potential contaminants as well.

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