Learn More About Conex Box Applications

There are many industrial products available that allegedly offer versatile usage options, but few can match the versatility of Conex Box Applications. Fully customized by Ebtech, this unique method of reusing freight containers can have a direct impact for many industries.

One of the primary uses for Conex Box Applications is to serve as a modular secured storage or housing option. The repurposing process allows old freight containers to be adapted for superior insulation and climate control. For these industrial products to be deemed “cargo worthy,” they need to be both water and wind-tight.

Of course, not all repurposed freight containers are created equal. Ebtech goes the extra mile to ensure that your Conex Box Applications are of the highest quality, meeting IICL 5 standards to deliver superior durability. Many of these containers have only been used to ship a single load, offering greater peace of mind regarding their quality and condition.

Because Ebtech can repurpose freight containers into single-use or multipurpose units, they are a popular choice for military and industrial settings. In fact, Ebtech can even adapt used freight containers for blast mitigation purposes. The durable construction, low pricing, and the convenience of a modular design can help you fulfill a wide range of needs.