Learn More About EBTECH Cleanrooms

EBTECH Industrial Building Solutions products offer safe, quality interior solutions for your facility. If you are in search of a clean room for your site, EBTECH has the answer. 

Cleanroom systems are useful in environments that call for humidity or temperature controls, air-borne particulate cleanliness, and numerous other specialized requirements. 

EBTECH’s Cleanroom Systems utilize movable, expandable, and relocatable wall panels to bring your cleanroom area to reality at a substantial saving over other solutions. With an EBTECH cleanroom, you can count on maximum flexibility and fast installation. 

These cleanroom wall systems use an extruded aluminum framing which is painted in polyurethane enamel to a glossy finish.

Panels come in your choice of color, surface, and cores in order to meet local building codes and your project requirements. The end result is an air-tight, dust-free modular area built specifically to meet your needs. 

EBTECH engineers design cleanrooms in order to be used for all types of conditions, including recirculating or once-thru airflow, positive or negative air pressure, and humidity and/or temperature control. 

Our clean rooms are built for the electronics, pharmaceutical, food processing, manufacturing, aerospace, medical, and biotechnology industries. 

For more information on EBTECH Cleanrooms from Steinco Industrial Solutions, contact us today.