Learn More About Equipto Shelving Systems

Adequate storage space is a constant challenge in an industrial facility, but not if you have Equipto V-Grip Shelving! These flexible storage systems can be adapted to fit whatever type of parts and equipment you have on hand, while also offering long-lasting durability that will serve your company well in the years ahead.

One of the greatest advantages of Equipto V-Grip Shelving is the wide variety of available shelving options. From Equipto wire steel trays to tire racks, bin shelving, or shelving with drawers, these systems are available in any configuration you need. Sturdy shelves have the weight capacity to safely store larger industrial pieces, while smaller drawers allow you to keep small parts organized.

Equipto V-Grip Shelving is designed with the industrial workplace in mind. Drawers are placed at waist level so that you don’t have to stretch and strain to reach small parts. The materials used to manufacture the shelves are highly durable. They’re also coated with an enamel paint finish that looks great and can withstand the bumps and scratches so common in warehouses and other industrial facilities.

Best of all, the easily adjustable layout of Equipto V-Grip Shelving makes it easy to rearrange your storage as needed. Any time you need to change your layout, these shelves will be perfectly suited for whatever you need to do.