Learn more about our Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

If you think walk-in coolers and freezers are just useful in the food industry – think again! Every week, at Steinco Industrial Solutions, we help various retailers and businesses alike solve their cooling and freezing challenges with Ebtech Modular Walk-in Units.

Each pre-engineered modular unit is custom designed to fit the client’s space and needs.  They are industrial-strength strong, built to withstand high use and abuse. Units can be equipped with glass doors so merchants can display their floral arrangements and cold beverages between knee and eye level for convenience and greatest exposure.

Interior display areas are fully customizable to maximize the appeal of produce or frozen food items. Insulated panels are easily reconfigurable, allowing for expansion, remodeling or the relocation of coolers when necessary. Units are also available in a variety of finishes and varying thickness.

Each unit is temperature controlled for greater efficiency, making them highly desirable in the grocery, beverage, floral, produce, hunting and taxidermy, mortuary and biotechnology and bioengineering industry. They have a variety of industrial applications as well, ranging from chemical and pharmaceutical to testing facilities.

When you need to display and protect your stock and supply, Steinco Industries can help you with an Ebtech temperature-controlled walk-in cooler or freezer unit.