Learn more about the versatility of a Portable Office Building

Starrco Portable Office Buildings can be summed up in one word – flexibility. Today, you want your ticket booth at the west gate. During tournament, you may want it at the south gate. During the summer months, you need a shelter where employees can eat lunch. When winter sets in, you need a shelter where they can smoke.

Portable office buildings are your solution for an ever-changing environment. They function as guard houses, gate houses, toll houses, equipment enclosures, smoking shelters, observation towers, ticket booths, parking booths, and security booths to name a few. They are relatively easy to move and make changes to when necessary. You can disassemble and move the entire structure in a short time.

However, just because these structures are built for temporary use does not mean they aren’t durable. They are constructed of anodized aluminum or steel with a rust retardant finish and you can get each portable unit customized. If it’s a guard or cashier booth, you can feel safe and secure with walls, ceilings and doors constructed with a solid impact resistant core.  Windows and sliding doors are made of aluminum and swing doors are made of commercial grade steel.

Portable buildings can be equipped with benches, security lighting, air conditioning or heating panels, fully functioning electrical systems, tinted glass, exhaust panels and much more.

Shipped fully assembled and ready for use, these shelters are made with all-weather construction and come in several configurations to choose from.

Portable office buildings are the perfect choice for an ever-changing environment. Stop in and talk with a Steinco Industrial Solutions expert today about your options.