Lift Tables: Hydraulic & Pneumatic Lifts

Steinco Industrial Solutions offers two types of lift tables from Presto Lifts — hydraulic and pneumatic. 

Hydraulic Lifts

Presto Lifts have seven different hydraulic lifts to help employees lift, load, and unload pallets and other items. These lifts can be controlled with a hand control device or foot control. 

With a hydraulic lift, loading and unloading can be done quickly and safely, with fewer hazards and less potential for injury. Each hydraulic lift can handle capacities ranging from a few hundred pounds up to 8,000 pounds due to the various platform sizes that are available. 

A hydraulic Presto Scissor Lift is the perfect solution for any work positioning or assembly application. This scissor lift can raise loads up to 60 inches off the ground with a hand control or optional foot control. 

For even more precise lifting, a Presto Lift and Tilt is the answer for specialized applications. The operator can control both the height and tilt angle of loads up to 4,000 pounds. The Lift and Tilt is perfect for handling parts in shallow containers and can tilt them up to a 30-degree angle.

Pneumatic Lifts

Scissor Lifts, Lift and Tilts, and Lift and Rotate tables are available in pneumatic forms as well. These tables can be strategically placed anywhere shop air is available to aid in lifting, loading, and unloading products. Plus, with pneumatic lifts, there is less clean-up and maintenance required compared to other models as there is no hydraulic fluid. This eliminates the potential for contamination. 

Presto Lifts have both stationary and portable lift designs available. Contact Steinco Industrial Solutions to see how a hydraulic or pneumatic lift can benefit your facility.