Lista International – Making Workspace Work

Lista International offers a comprehensive array of innovative storage systems and accessories. They include storage cabinets, wall systems, tool storage, workspace solutions and numerous accessories. Lista provides more than efficient storage space; they create productive working environments that:

  • Are secure, built to last.
  • Offer the greatest possible density, organization and access.
  • Are ergonomically designed with the user in mind.
  • Are constructed from the highest quality materials.
  • Provide a durable, high quality, attractive powder coat finish.

Lista International engineering and design team is ready to provide you with a detailed plan for you workspace and storage needs – free of charge. Lista International offers solutions that are designed for maximum efficiency and future flexibility, optimizing space and profitability.

Let Steinco Industrial Solutions show you how we can provide you with the workspace solution(s) you need with Lista International’s product line. Contact us at 419-606-8512 or visit us at . We will work with you to meet your needs with “Solutions you can trust”.