Maximize Your Space with Mobile Aisle Storage by Equipto

Space. It’s one of the top concerns for many industrial facilities, especially when storing a large quantity of industrial products seems to be limiting the amount of floorspace available for other important tasks.

Of course, expanding your facility or building a separate secured storage building isn’t always an option. So how can you make the most of your limited storage space? For many companies, the best solution is to use a Mobile Aisle Storage System from Equipto.

These systems allow you to get more out of your storage space by combining the durability of heavy duty steel shelves with a modular design. Shelves are placed on a rail system that is installed in the floor, which subsequently allows the shelves to be moved back and forth along the rails. 

So how does this increase your storage capacity? Rather than making space for an aisle in between each set of heavy duty steel shelves, you can slide each of the shelves next to each other when not in use. An easy to use control system allows you to move the shelves to create an aisle space when you need to access a particular area. 

Ultimately, this allows you to store a greater number of heavy duty steel shelves in a smaller area. The result? Rather than paying for an expensive facility expansion, you have all the storage space you need—while still leaving plenty of space for everything else.