Maximize Your Workspace with a Mezzanine or Platform

From metal storage cabinets to mobile aisles, there are plenty of ways companies try to expand their available storage areas and usable space. But what many don’t realize is that expanding out isn’t the only solution (especially if you’re running out of available floor space). In fact, with the Equipto Line of Mezzanines from Steinco Industrial Solutions, you can actually expand up.

By utilizing a mezzanine, you can dramatically increase your company’s storage capacity. These modular, freestanding industrial products have both the durability and flexibility needed to perform effectively in an industrial environment. Mezzanine platforms come with a per-square foot weight distribution of 125 pounds, making them every bit as strong as you need them to be. And with an interlocking design, mezzanines are incredibly easy to move, expand, or reconfigure as needed.

Better yet, each support for these platforms comes fully equipped with outlets and utility channels. Whether you need additional overhead storage or another functional, usable space, Equipto Mezzanines from Steinco Industrial Solutions are the perfect way to affordably increase your available square footage.