Modular Clean Rooms: Why You Need Them in Your Business

For years, different industries have utilized modular clean rooms to facilitate sensitive processes like fabrication and research or store highly sensitive materials and products to protect them from contamination. Having a clean room offers an environment where there’s near absence of dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants that could affect the integrity of a product. Clean rooms seek to reduce and eliminate contaminants in environmentally sensitive processes.

Countless industries utilize clean rooms such as the medical, food processing and the semiconductor fields

The Starrco Modular Clean Rooms Advantage

When you’re talking about modular clean rooms, Starrco has always stood out to be the most versatile, customizable and cost-effective solutions on the market today.

A modular clean room from Starrco are pre-engineered buildings that are tailored to the unique specifications and requirements of each customer. These clean rooms can be manufactured to accommodate a sound or equipment enclosure and they can also be used for different pharmaceutical applications.

The floors, walls and mechanical components of every Starrco clean room work together to maintain a contaminant-free environment. The air flow, pressure, humidity, temperature and filtration can be controlled to precise measurements. Plus, each material used in Starrco clean rooms are pre-cut and completely finished to facilitate a quick and easy installation process.

Steinco Industrial Solutions, Inc. has been one of the suppliers of Starrco Modular Clean Rooms where we can provide you with customized products that will fit your exact needs and requirements. Get in touch with our team so we can assist your facility in putting together your own Starrco Clean Room.