Modular In-Plant Offices

It’s a common dilemma faced by many industrial companies: you need to add on an office space, but you don’t want to deal with the time, cost, or debris associated with conventional construction. Thankfully, Steinco Industrial has the perfect solution for you, with Modular In-plant Offices.

These office systems are quick to design and install and are much less expensive than standard office construction projects, allowing your team to save money without experiencing a significant interruption to their normal work routine. Modular Offices offer additional convenience, as they are easy to relocate, expand, or adjust as needed. And don’t worry—since they’re constructed with an aluminum framework and corrugated steel, these offices can handle whatever your work site throws their way.

Steinco Industrial also offers many add-on options for these industrial products, including glazed window panels, air conditioning and heating units, electrical wiring, and noise control features. These features allow you to fully customize your modular office to better support the needs of your company. Whether you need a quiet office space for management to handle important phone calls or a separate break room for your employees, In-plant Offices are an affordable and convenient solution.