Multiple Purposes for Struts & Fittings

Simplicity is a beautiful thing and the simplicity of Unistrut’s strut and fittings is no exception. The ease with which these multipurpose fittings are assembled and disassembled is its greatest asset. No drilling or welding is required to hold the materials together, yet the bond is superior.

This metal framing system, available at Steinco Industrial Solutions has a multitude of uses in the industrial world. It can be used to support switch boxes, pipework, and HVAC units to name a few.

The Telestrut Telescoping Strut System allows for maximum flexibility and strength in supporting racks, shelves and signs among other things. Here again, with no more than a wrench and hammer, a series of rivets, bolts, nuts, and gravity pins will ensure your support structures are industrial strength ready.

The United Interlock Plank Grating System is perfect for securing catwalks, scaffolding planks, mezzanines and pedestrian ramps. Anti-skid planks are available for secure footing. They are easily reconfigurable and removable when the job is done.

Rooftop Walkways can be assembled from planks that fit any roof, including standing seam roofs. They provide easy safe access for maintenance professionals, utility personnel and construction workers.

These metal framing products, from Unistrut, provide high quality, reasonable priced, adjustable units that can be easily assembled without high-tech tools. Simplicity is indeed, a beautiful thing.