Need a Walk-in Cooler or Freezer? Let Steinco Industrial Solutions Help You!

While some people may only associate walk-in coolers or freezers with food storage facilities, the team at Steinco Industrial knows that there are many other industries where these climate-controlled locations are a must. From pharmaceutical testing facilities to secured storage for floral companies, there are many locations that require strict temperature control. And Steinco Industrial is here to help.

Steinco Industrial constructs walk-in coolers and freezers that not only maintain a consistent temperature, but can also handle the type of high-use environment associated with industrial sites. Durable modular construction uses powerful insulated panels to maintain the desired temperature inside your work area, while also making it easy to remodel, expand, or even relocate your walk-in cooler when necessary.

In addition, Steinco Industrial provides custom designs and varying insulation thicknesses for walk-in coolers or freezers, allowing you to adapt the layout of this important modular building to better suit your needs. With the ability to perform both outdoor and indoor modular construction work, Steinco Industrial can help you maintain a temperature-controlled work site so you can preserve your precious inventory.