Options for Metal Framing Applications

Perhaps you are a little skeptical about the metal framing options for Unistrut products. We assure you, just because Unistrut metal design is different than the stainless steel you are accustomed to using, its function is in no way compromised.  From electrical applications as fixture support and conduit, to mechanical applications such as mechanical tunneling, Unistrut is as versatile as its stainless steel counterpart.

The Unistrut Interlock Plank Grating is ideal for outdoor uses. Unistrut Rooftop Walkways can be used for sure footing and with metal framing can also be used as catwalks. If your company has secure fixtures on your rooftop, and Unistrut Unipier Rooftop Pipe Support Systems hold all sorts of pipes and conduits. Due to the structural nature of Unistrut’s design, the contexts for its uses are limitless. For example, these products are ideal for custom metal design. The pre-fabricated design and features such as the Unistrut Telestrut Telescoping Square Tubing means that assembly requires minimum tools, and various sizes and combinations ensures that everything goes together smoothly.

 Not only does Unistrut offer long term protection against aging, it also assembles more quickly than its stainless steel counterpart. There is not a page long enough to describe all of the potential options and ways that Unistrut could benefit your company. Whether you need metal framing in Ashland, or wherever you may be, give it a try and see the many ways that you could benefit!